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Friclicli: Friendica CLI client

@Friendica Developers

I started to work on a CLI client for Friendica named friclicli. At the moment I'm working on the foundation of the client: A C library (called libfriclient) with functions representing Friendica API routes (one function per route). The client will use a curses interface (probably ncurses). To make requests to the Friendica API the libcurl library will be used. JSON data will be processed using the cJSON library.

The source code repository is here:

The client will be programmed in C and licensed under the GPLv3+.

#Friendica #Client #CLI #C
I'd love to have a "real" CLI for using it at the docker images.

Currently, I made a shell script for some commands I do need:

Maybe there will be a more generic CLI-binary for it in the future ;-)

@Philipp Holzer

I think your script is dealing with other aspects of Friendica than the client I'm writing: My client will use the REST API of Friendica to have an alternative way to access your posts, messages and contacts. I want it to be useful especially on old hardware where modern browsers would take minutes to load the Website of a Friendica instance.

@Moritz Strohm I see. It's a real client CLI and I'm talking about a server CLI ;-)